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Today marks day 7 in my 1 week Ayurveda cleanse. I say ‘cleanse’ like this is some kind of fad, when in actuality I was ready to overall my health for good.


Pre Ayurveda lifestyle.

I was working hard, both mentally and physically. As a yoga teacher you give quite a lot of energy when teaching and as a business owner I find it difficult to switch off, constantly thinking of new ideas, new techniques and sequences, ways to help my students and reach out further to those that need yoga. My mind rarely stops.

Having taken on some new work lately meant my precious sleeping schedule had to change to an early (very early) morning riser, however I failed to go to sleep any earlier in the evening due to my whirling thought process.

Despite my reduced sleep schedule I was still pushing myself in the gym and on the mat, attending Jivamukti classes and power yoga class, whilst keeping my home practice Ashtanga yoga based. Eventually this way of living left me burnt out, something needed to change.

 Ayurveda | Northern Yogi

Finding Ayurveda

It all began when I found Tea India and Geeta Vara. Geeta is an Ayurveda practitioner and also an ambassador for Tea India, who have recently launched a new range of Ayurveda inspired teas:

  1. Peace & Calm: Fennel, chamomile and peppermint
  2. Harmony & Balance: Tulsi, fennel, cinnamon and ginger
  3. Vitality & Energy: Ginger, cinnamon, tulsi and turmeric

Geeta is also the author of Ayurveda: A Practical Guide to Optimal Health, Healing and Vitality. The three things that I so desperately needed in my life.

Together they have created a questionnaire to help those that want to discover more about Ayurveda, themselves and their personal dosha.

Take the test

Once you have found which dosha you are, I am pitta, you can begin to create a lifestyle that brings you back into alignment with how you should feel, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Ayurveda isn’t just about food. To be correctly balanced it takes into account:

  • Stress levels
  • Environment
  • Thought process
  • Mental health
  • Seasons
  • Time of day
  • Sleep pattern.

To become aligned you must begin to change that what is not healthy. So if you sleep too little, like I was doing, Ayurveda gives you permission to lie in, sleep more and go to bed earlier. If you work out with high intensity, like I was doing, Ayurveda gives you permission to slow down, be gentler, take more rest days and not push yourself too hard.

Following an Ayurveda practice is all about making sure your mind, body and spirit are healthy and in tune with your natural dosha. In doing so your overall health will be revamps, giving you more energy, a slimmer waistline, a peaceful night’s sleep and a healthy mind.

Vata Dosha | Ayurveda | Northern Yogi


Pita Dosha | Ayurveda | Northern Yogi


Kapha Dosha | Ayurveda | Northern Yogi


The Tea India teas really helped me find my way when I started fine tuning my doshas. I made sure I started each day with the Vitality & Energy, a blend of ginger, cinnamon, tulsi and turmeric. I found it really woke me up in the mornings, it’s very invigorating and allowed me to start my day with a spring in my step. Some days I start teaching at 7am so I’d fill my reusable mug with Vitality & Energy and by the time I got to class I’d be raring to go.

Finding routine has been really important for me lately, as Ayurveda suggests a structured daily pattern is best for my dosha. This is what is working for me lately:


6am: Wake up, drink Vitality & Energy

6:15am: Cleanse

6:30am: Mediation

6:45am: YOGA

9am: Breakfast, usually overnight oats, flaxseeds, almonds, cinnamon and almond butter.

1pm: Big lunch, aiming to make lunch my largest meal of the day as this is when pitta is strongest. Meaning my digestion is stronger to process and burn through food.

3pm: Workout time. Either a nourishing yoga flow or a long hike

4pm: Tea India Balance & Harmony tea with date balls or nuts or fruit.

7pm: Dinner time, something lighter than lunch that will allow me to begin my evening routine.

9pm: Mediation (yes, again!) and reading my Ayurveda book and drinking Tea India Peace & Calm

10pm: Lights out. Sleep time!


As long as my day is roughly structured like this I’ve found myself with lots more energy. Changing my sleep schedule was a challenge at first but now switching my laptop and phone off before 9pm is normal, allowing me to wind down properly and sleep easier.

This way of living is definitely something I want to continue. To be the best yoga teacher I can be and give my students the kind of teaching they truly deserve I need to ensure I am always feeling fit, happy and healthy.


If you want to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle then I definitely recommend picking up a copy of Geeta’s book (here) and grab yourself the latest range of Tea India Ayurveda range.

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