5 Simple Steps to Headstand

Headstand, or to call it by its traditional name, Shirshasana, is often seen as the ultimate yoga pose. It has so many wonderful benefits; flushes the adrenal glands, improves circulation, strengthens the core and shoulders and this is just to name a few!

Although it may look like a challenging posture, once you have the shoulder and core strength and understand how to control the body you’ll be balancing on your head in no time.

Work with a qualified teacher, practice against a wall, listen carefully to instruction, be safe and have fun!


Step 1: Come into Dolphin pose. Ensure the elbows are directly underneath the shoulders.

Headstand tips | Northern Yogi


Step 2: Interlink the fingers without moving the shoulders.


Yoga Headstand | Northern Yogi


Step 3: Place the crown of the head to the ground with the back of the head resting in the palms of the hands.

Step 4: Walk the feet in as close to the body as possible.

Step 5: Engage the shoulder girdle and the core. Slowly squeeze the knees in towards the chest. Here you’ll find your balance. Once the shoulders are creating a strong foundation and the core is engaged you’ll slowly be able to straighten the legs.


Headstand | Northern Yogi

Yoga Headstand | Northern Yogi


Once up in your headstand push your shoulders towards the earth, draw the belly button in towards the spine and lengthen your feet towards the sky.

If you would like a yoga prop to help you with your headstand practice you can check out my post on the FeetUp Trainer here.


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