Yoga Class Essentials



Okay, so it’s true that all you need to take to a yoga class, in reality, is your body. Mats are usually provided (and will state if not) so all you have to do is turn up and stretch.

The thing is though, I like to be comfortable in every situation, that includes my yoga class. So I thought i should share with you what essentials I like to have to hand before, during and after my class.

1. My Yoga Mat – yes, mats are usually provided in class but I cannot stress enough the importance of having your own lovely, clean yoga mat. Think of all the people who have practiced on that spare mat before you. No thank you, I’d rather having my trusted mat to hand.

2. Water – During an Ashtanga practice it’s ‘best practice’ to not drink water. This is because during your practice you light an internal fire, called Agni in Sanskrit, and drinking water during practice with douse this fire and therefore make your practice less powerful. Drink as much as you like beforehand. I go to town on my 1 litre bobble bottle afterwards!

3. Lip Balm – this is a bit of a weird one I admit, and I’m probably the only person in my class who runs over to her lip butter at the end of practice. But, for some reason (probably dehydration) my lips get really dry during practice and I really need moisture at the end of class. It’s not an ego thing I promise!

4. Layers – I always turn up to class in hippy style oversized layers. This isn’t because I’m trying to fit in with the stereotypical hippy scene. It’s because at the start of practice I’m cold so I usually do my first sun salutations in layers. Once they are out of the way and I’m warmer I peel off the layers, do my practice, then get cold again in Savasana so layer back up again at the end of class. If you’re attending a new class I always recommend wearing lots of layers that you could easily practice in if required. I once did a class is an old church hall and it was freezing. I have learnt my lesson since then.

5. Lots of hair bobbles – my favourite to use during practice are the Invisibobbles. They secure my hair perfectly but don’t pull. There is nothing worst then an uncomfortable ponytail when you are trying to find your soul! I move around a lot during class, lots of headstands and shoulder stands and bends. Secure, comfortable hair is a must!




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