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Wrist Pain

October 18, 2015 • By

Yoga Wrist Pain Those of you that follow me on social media will know I’ve been moaning about my wrist for a good 10 days now. I don’t actually know what’s going on with it but I finished my practice one evening and the next morning I woke up with a dull ache in my wrist. This then travelled up my forearm, into my elbow and very occasionally into my upper arm and hand. I thought at first I’d done it in a handstand but since then I’ve come up with a million other reasons too.

I did the whole hot water bottle, anti inflammatory thing and sometimes I think it’s getting easier but it’s been exactly 12 days now and my wrist just isn’t 100%. I’ve missed a few yoga classes and have completely given up on any self practice for fear of making it worst. I’m contemplating going to my Sunday evening class tonight but I’m worried I’ll just leave in pain like I did on Tuesday. Never a good way to leave class!

I’ve spoken to my yoga teacher who said it could be numerous things and maybe I should see a physio. Might have to take that advice this week as if I miss any more practices I may just go insane. I feel like a different person when I don’t practice, less energy, just a general, pain in the arse to be around, grump.

So, with that said, I refuse to let this pain defeat me. I’ll just have to adapt some postures to accommodate whatever the hell is going on with my wrist.

Before you think this is just a post of me moaning (which it kinda is, sorry!) I’m going to post to asana adaptions and let you know how getting around this pain in my practice. my teacher said nothing should stop me coming to my mat. Let’s hope she’s right! I’ll post the adaptations in my next post.

Now of to painful practice. Wish me luck!!