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What To Wear To Yoga

May 3, 2016 • By

what to wear to yogaTurning up to your first yoga class can be a daunting experience. I remember the first class I ever attended on my own, I got lost, felt rushed, was running late and almost convinced myself I would just miss the class and try again next week with a friend. Luckily that didn’t happen. I found my balls and walked into that class full of experienced yogis, hid at the back and made my way through the class.

Knowing how nerve racking it can be just to make it to the class you don’t want to add to the anxiety by wondering what to wear. So, I’ve done the hard work and made the mistakes for you. Follow these tips and I promise you will never feel uncomfortable on your mat because of what you are wearing.

  •  Think you’d be more comfortable a loose fitting top? Think again! As a woman (no doubt men experience this too) I have days when I just don’t feel as slender as usual. I want to hide under lose fitting clothes and I definitely don’t want to slip into a tight fitting yoga vest. So, I’ll throw on my trusty baggy top and make my way to class. The thing is, as comfortable as you feel in the baggy top, it will all change as soon as you enter your first downward facing dog. ‘Oh no, my tummy is on show’ it what you’ll mumble to yourself through the vest top that has now made its way up your midriff, over your chest and is now flapping around your face.

Top tip: If you don’t feel comfy arriving in at class in a tight vest top wear your loose fitting top, but put a tight top underneath. You will thank me once in your first inversion. Your tummy will be tucked away and you’ll feel confident in all postures.

  • Yes your new yoga leggings look amazing, your bum looks great, they feel good and you can’t wait to show them off in class. You wear your fantastic new leggings to all your classes, until one day, your best yogi friend happens to catch a glance at your downward dog and say’s ‘you can see your arse through those leggings you know?’ Then you have to do a full 90 minute class knowing your teacher can see your bum. Not good. Not zen.

Top Tip: Before you buy any yoga leggings hold them up to the light and stretch the fabric. This is the exact level of coverage your behind will get from those leggings once you’re in a standing forward fold.

  • Picture the scene, the sun is shining outside, it’s a fresh spring day and you’re heading off the yoga class is Kino style shorts, a crop top and flip flops. If you are reading this and you live in Miami you’ll probably be okay, it’s 90 degrees after all. If, however, you are reading this and you live in London/ Sweden/ Iceland you may want to pack some layers. You might be warm walking to class, you’ll probably be really warm during your practice but, most likely, when it comes to your Savasana you’ll start to feel the chill. As your body cools down you’ll lie there, not focusing on your breath and letting go like you should be, but thinking about your cold toes, the draft around your neck, the goose pimples forming on your thighs.

Top Tip: Wear layers, pack layers! You might not want to wear socks with your sandals on your way to class (I don’t blame you) but socks will be your best friend come Savasana. Pack socks, a light cotton shawl, a jumper or cardigan or a loose blanket to wrap yourself up in during relaxation.

Your yoga practice is your tool to help you deal with life’s ups and downs better. It’s not a place to worry about how you look, it’s a place to let go. As long as you are comfortable you’ll be able to focus on your practice, your posture, your breath. That’s the most important thing, not your Lululemons.