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A Love Letter to My Yoga Practice on International Yoga Day

June 21, 2018 • By

International Yoga Day | Northern Yogi


Dear Yoga
You are pure magic.
You have changed the way in which I look at the world, at others and at myself. You have made me kinder, braver, smarter, wiser and so much more compassionate.
You have introduced me to people that would never have crossed my path before, people I now call my friend. You have made me cry and laugh. You have taken me right to the very edge of my comfort zone and held me there until the barriers move.
You became my passion and my obsession. You made me change my career, my hobbies, my health and my opinions.
You have travelled the world with me, always by my side. You made me realise that everywhere you are is my home.
Today, and everyday, I celebrate you.
Happy #InternationalYogaDay