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Brand Alert: Non Toxic Make Up

November 28, 2016 • By

Non Toxic Make Up - Northern Yogi It’s no secret that, despite being a yogi, I’m a little bit obsessed with beauty products and cosmetics. I know a lot of people have strong opinions on this, ‘I shouldn’t be so into the visual, and it’s what’s inside that counts’…
I agree, what’s inside does matter more than what you put on your face. And that is exactly why I’m veering slowly away from the chemical filled cosmetics on our shelves today and I’m experimenting more with non-toxic make up, chemical free cosmetics and no nasties household cleaning products.
I want my body and my home to be as clear from chemicals has possible. The effect some of the ingredients in cosmetics and cleaning products can have on your body is scary. Remember, what goes on the skin goes in the skin. Do you want your body filled with chemicals that your brain can’t ever pronounce?
Thought not.

Chemical Free Make Up - Northern Yogi
Luckily there are lots of options for chemical free beauty products nowadays and I recently discovered Vapour Beauty, a company that creates beautiful cosmetics with health and the environment in mind.
It’s always a little risky purchasing make-up online as you can’t colour match the same, but fortunately for us Vapour Beauty do little sample sizes that you can purchase for $15 (around £12 in the UK) and you can choose up to five samples.
I got these little beauties and I’m so happy with them:
– Clarity Organic Make-up Remover
– Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundations in 123
– Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in 123
– Solar Bronzer in Simmer
– Siren Lipstick in Madam
Chemical Free Make Up


These products are high end and the quality is amazing, the make-up remover is so thick and luxurious, the foundations are the perfect coverage (the soft focus is my favourite). Well worth the price point.
Shipping was perfect too, they made it all the way across the pond in 2 days!
It feels like I have nothing on my face when I wear these products, which I like as I hate feeling overdone. They wear perfectly too, actually they wear better than my usual foundation. My face was definitely less shiny at the end of the day.
I’ll be experimenting with more non-toxic brands in the future so if you have any you think I should try let me know either in the comments below, Twitter or Instagram! I love finding new brands, especially ones that don’t fill the body with harsh chemicals.


EDIT: The dress I’m wearing is NOT real leather. It’s fake. No animals were harmed during the making of this dress!