Namaste, what does it mean?

Namaste Definition - Northern YogiNamaste. You probably say this to your teacher at the end of every class, or see it being used across social media, but what does namaste mean?

The Sanskrit word roughly translates to mean ‘I bow you’. Nama – bow, as – I and te – you.

To elaborate on a truer form it means ‘the light in me bows to the light in you’ or ‘the divinity in me honours the divinity in you’.

As ‘yoga’ translates to ‘union’ it’s clear that ever yogi, man, woman, being across the planet is in some way connected (or united), we are all the same. We all want love, light and happiness. To take this union into the modern, western world we could say all beings go to work to pay for their houses, nice cars, fancy holidays and high end clothes. We all want happiness (we still believe cars will bring us lasting happiness, when will we learn?!) This makes us united, so what is in me respects what is in you, your thoughts, your feelings, your morals and choices. I respect them.

So at the end of your next practice when you teacher says namaste to the room know they are showing you a sign of respect. They are not your superior because they are your teacher, they are simply sharing this practice with you and they honour you for sharing your practice with them.

Isn’t yoga just lovely!





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