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Learn Something New, No Ego Required

April 12, 2018 • By

Get Strong With Yoga | Northern Yogi

I remember when I went to my first ever yoga class, all those years ago, I did tonnes of cardio but being in that first ever class made me realise I had no real strength. I just assumed I would never have any upper body strength because ‘women naturally have less’, I assumed I’d never be able to do a push up, never mind lift my own body weight (the stronger I got the heavier I got).

I’ll tell you something, learning something new as an adult is really really difficult. Not because adults learn slower but because you walk into a room of people who ‘know what they’re doing’ and you become a beginner. Your ego takes a knock, putting your knees on the mat makes you feel embarrassed, falling makes you stand out as ‘unable’.

I kept going to that class because the teacher was funny and I felt good when I left. Gradually something in me changed and I became less embarrassed to know less, because I had this desire to learn more and I knew these talented people around me could help.

10 years on and I learn something new about my body every single time I step on the mat. Now I relish the opportunity to be taught something new by my teachers. I am an eternal student, we all are.

Don’t let your ego stop you from learning something new!

And yes, I can do a push up now. On a good day I could probably do 3!!!