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How to Feel Inspired

May 18, 2017 • By

OK, first things first, it is really hard to right a blog post about feeling uninspired when you’re feeling uninspired. That’s the main reason I’m starting this article with such honesty, because the first sentence is always the hardest to write. But, it will get better, I promise…

Ever notice that you go through phases for feeling a bit ‘meh’? I know ‘meh’ isn’t an official adjective but it seem to perfectly describe that feeling a lack of motivation, numbness to creativity and a void of desire. There is an assumption in society that only creative people suffer from this uninspired feeling; a romanticism around struggling writers, artists and musicians looking for muses and instead dapping in opiates to ignite inspirations.

This feeling of being uninspired can also make a person ‘feel lost’, have a lack of direction, an unwillingness to try new things, explore and create.

I have lately been ‘suffering’ with such ‘symptoms’ and have therefore researched and experimented with numerous technical to help pull me out of this lull. I hope what works for me with help you too.

For those that are new to this blog it’s worth noting that I’m a yoga teacher, so my creative outlet is to creative movement in the body to inspire the mind, body and spirit. It’s also my responsibility to inspire others to get on their yoga mat and generally be the greatest versions of themselves. I am also a pieces, which means I have a desire to creative, explore and make imagination reality.

1.      The first step in eradicating this lack of inspiration is to become aware of it. It exists, you’re in the midst of it and acknowledging it is the first step towards moving through it.

2.      Remember why you started. When I was training to be a yoga teacher I was advised to write down the reason I wanted to teach others to do yoga. This is my core teaching value and, whenever I’m feeling slightly uninspired I read what I wrote as a trainee. It takes me back to the root of wanting to do this. So, no matter what your creative expression is write down the reasons why you do it. Then use this in the future to keep the furnace burning.

3.      Take a digital break. So you’ve been strolling Instagram and pInterest and Twitter for inspiration. Something to ignite that fire in your stomach once again, but instead you end up feeling even worse, like everyone else is succeeding and you’re just one big uncreative failure? Social media has this magical way of making everyone else’s life look incredible whilst making you feel inadequate. We must remember that social media accounts are glorified and do not represent a real way of living. So when we need inspiration social media (although sometimes beneficial) is not always the best place to look. So, switch off, take some time out, rest, rejuvenate and relax. You’ll soon get back to your true source of inspiration.

4.      Surround yourself with passionate people. These people don’t have to work in the same field as you or even have the same passions. But being around their ambition will help to boost yours. Take a course or workshop, go to events, meet new inspirational people, go to live talks and find those people to inspire you.

5.      Give yourself time. Inspiration, ambition and passion will naturally ebb and flow throughout the course of a year. We cannot achieve our goals in a day, week or month. Take some time out and evaluate how far you’ve come. Ever notice how the day to day seems the same but at the end of the year everything is completely different? Progression and change take time so cut yourself some slack, appreciate your own hard work and believe in the process of evolution. What’s the rush?