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Green Juice Recipe for Energy

June 10, 2015 • By

Green Juice | NorthernYogi I am a huge fan of juicing. I have definitely jumped on the juicing bandwagon and now I can’t stop talking about juice, drinking juice, getting my friends to juice! There are no down sides to juicing, the benefits are endless.

Tonight I’ve made an iron packed juice. This is a take on one of my favourite  green juice recipes. I’ve just substituted spinach for broccoli (I’ve ran out of spinach).

It’s really simple, just put all your ingredients into a juicer/ blender (I use a Nutribullet), whizz and enjoy…


– 5/6 thick slices of cucumber

– 1/2 broccoli stalks

– a generous handful of kale

– 1 celery stick

– 5/ 6 cubes of frozen pineapple.

I use frozen pineapple because 1. it’s cheaper than fresh 2. it adds a sweeter kick 3. I like my juices ice cold without crushed ice

– half a cup of cold water


Sit back and enjoy the glorious health!