Create a Health Habit: Breathing Exercises

Before you start reading this post I’d like you to just take a second a notice how you are breathing. Right now. Are you slumped back on a chair with your phone in your hand, neck rounds, chest concaved? Maybe you’re sitting at your desk, hunched forward?

However you may find yourself at this present moment, just take a second to stop and observe yourself.

Did you notice what happened when you paid a little attention to your breathing? You started to breathe a little deeper, didn’t you. Maybe you took a really deep breathe, maybe you sighed on your exhale.

You rebooted yourself.

See, as humans we, luckily, breathe automatically. We never have to pay attention to our breath. It’s like digesting or blinking, it needs no awareness to make it happen. Although breathing is an automatic action of the human body, when we begin to understand the true important of breathing correctly we open up a whole new realm of wellness.

Here are 3 breathing exercises that will help you reduce stress and anxiety, lower your cortisol levels, help deal with grief, anger and sadness, reduce fatigue and bring your heart rhythm back to its natural state.


Breathing Exercises for Stress | Northern Yogi

Breathing Techniques


Box Breathing

You can do these exercises at any time in any place. If you’re at work and feeling a little stressed, pop into a spare boardroom or to the toilets and work through a few rounds. Aim to create a habit of practising your breathing techniques morning and evening. Overtime you will notice how your overall health has improved, you’re able to deal with stressful situations a lot better and you feel calmer in general.


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