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May 23, 2018 • By

The Nest Stockholm


I turned 30 this year and, after 30 years of acquiring material wealth, I decided it wasn’t where happiness lies. Happiness lies in moments and memories, so for my 30 birthday I didn’t want ‘things’, I wanted moments.

The first of these moments came curtesy of my beautiful sister who took me on my very first trip to Stockholm! Sweden has been on my must visit list for a long time now but I had absolutely no clue she was planning to take me there for my birthday, it was the most overwhelming of gifts!

We packed our bags and prepared to spend the next 4 days exploring this new land.

Exploring Stockholm | Northern Yogi

We stayed at the most amazing hotel, the Downtown Camper. One of the coolest hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay in, the Downtown Camper comes complete with a rooftop pool, Swedish sauna, and meditation net hanging above the lounge area. Plus you can eat your vegan breakfast in a swing!

We stayed in a grande double room with views of the city, a big corner window seat allowed us to chill out overlooking the streets of Stockholm at the end of a long days exploration.

Meditation in Stockholm | Northern Yogi

Although Stockholm has a great transport system, taxis and bicycle rentals, my sister and I decided to walk everywhere. It’s one of the best ways to see the city, we loved getting lost down the winding back streets and stumbling across cool coffee shops and picturesque locations. Plus all the extra exercise we were getting allowed for some guilt free cocktails come evening times in the rooftop bar!

We walked from island to island (Stockholm is made up of different islands). One of the things I loved most about Stockholm is that you can be in the middle of a busy city street one minute and sitting by the peaceful waterfront or in an open green space the next.

Stockholm | Northern Yogi

Vegan Restaurants Stockholm | Northern Yogi

The Swedish are a health conscious nations which means it’s super easy for us vegans to find good food! My hotel had a vegan section in their huge breakfast buffet, if you stay here I definitely recommend the Downtown Granola, the hotels homemade granola. It is SO good! For lunch I recommend the Hawaii Poké (just across from the hotel) which does an amazing vegan tofu poke bowl. There is also an incredible vegan/ vegetarian restaurant called Hermans, it’s a buffet style and you can eat as much as you want for a set price, the food is delicious too.

Of course, I had to find some time to workout and get my yoga practice in. Luckily for me The Downtown Camper has an amazing rooftop studio and during the day it so completely empty. I got the entire studio to myself to flow and breathe and practice and centre. I got to see the beautiful skyline of Stockholm upside down. I’m already thinking about my next visit.

Yoga in Stockholm | Northern Yogi

Stockholm Yoga | Northern Yogi






February 20, 2018 • By

(Contains sponsored content)

Fancy spending a sunny weekend in August doing yoga, meditating, hanging out with friends and listening to cool bands and artists?

FloVibe Festival is happening 10th – 12th August. It brings you all the greatness of a music festival without the horrible hangover. FloVibe is a wellness music festival that will leave you feeling recharged instead of rundown. A family friendly festival where you can practice yoga every day, meditate, meet like minded people and chill out.

I’ve been lucky enough to join forces with FloVibe to give one of you lucky lot the chance to win a pair of weekend tickets!

All you have to do is head over to my Instagram here > COMPETITION

Like the image, follow @northernyogisarah and @flovibefestival and share with us your perfect way to ‘Just Be’. Maybe it’s practising yoga or reading a good book. Whatever it is that allows you to #JustBe we want to see!

You’ll also win a Kindfolk Yoga Bag to take along with you and a brand new yoga mat too!

Can’t wait to see your images.



5 Simple Steps to Headstand

December 17, 2017 • By

Headstand, or to call it by its traditional name, Shirshasana, is often seen as the ultimate yoga pose. It has so many wonderful benefits; flushes the adrenal glands, improves circulation, strengthens the core and shoulders and this is just to name a few!

Although it may look like a challenging posture, once you have the shoulder and core strength and understand how to control the body you’ll be balancing on your head in no time.

Work with a qualified teacher, practice against a wall, listen carefully to instruction, be safe and have fun!


Step 1: Come into Dolphin pose. Ensure the elbows are directly underneath the shoulders.

Headstand tips | Northern Yogi


Step 2: Interlink the fingers without moving the shoulders.


Yoga Headstand | Northern Yogi


Step 3: Place the crown of the head to the ground with the back of the head resting in the palms of the hands.

Step 4: Walk the feet in as close to the body as possible.

Step 5: Engage the shoulder girdle and the core. Slowly squeeze the knees in towards the chest. Here you’ll find your balance. Once the shoulders are creating a strong foundation and the core is engaged you’ll slowly be able to straighten the legs.


Headstand | Northern Yogi

Yoga Headstand | Northern Yogi


Once up in your headstand push your shoulders towards the earth, draw the belly button in towards the spine and lengthen your feet towards the sky.

If you would like a yoga prop to help you with your headstand practice you can check out my post on the FeetUp Trainer here.