But I can’t even touch my toes

What is it with yoga and toes? When did the symbol of yoga become touching your toes?


Whenever a new yogi comes to class my teacher has to tell them to not even try to touch their toes. I see these people willing to put their body through physical pain in order to touch the floor with their hands and keep their legs straight at the same time. What’s wrong with bending your knees?

Whenever people find out I do yoga the first question I am asked is ‘can you touch your toes?’. Nobody ever asks how it makes me feel, how it changed my body or my life.

This toe touching theory actually puts people off trying yoga! They think that because they cannot touch their toes they won’t be able to do yoga, they are not ‘bendy’ enough. In my first ever yoga class I could barely touch my knees. It’s difficult and challenging and some people can’t face that, they want it right away without the hard work.

Well, guess what, life is sometimes difficult and challenging and if you focus some energy into an honest yoga practice you will be better prepared and well equipped to deal with life’s little struggles. And maybe eventually you’ll be able to touch your toes.

Just enjoy the journey.

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