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When I was 19 years old I took my very first yoga class. Not only because I wanted to be uber fit and bendy but because I was anxious and stressed about everything I could find to be anxious and stressed about.

After many (many!) trips to my doctor and many misdiagnosis it finally became apparent that I was suffering with anxiety attacks. These manifested in me believing I could not breathe. I physically could not get enough oxygen into my body. So what better place to learn to breathe again then a yoga class?
Since that first ever yoga class over a decade ago my journey has slowly progressed. I’ve met some amazingly wonderful people along the way, acquired new skills and learned more about myself then I ever thought possible. I truly believe yoga can change lives, improve physical and mental health, prevent injury and aid recovery. 

In 2016 I qualified as a 200 hour yoga teacher and began sharing this practice with new people. Be sure to check my class schedule so you can join me on the mat.

I started Northern Yogi in 2016 as a place to share my learnings, the things I love (and hate) about wellness, yoga and healthy living. I wanted to show people you don’t have to be a cloth wearing guru to practice yoga. You can live in the real world, have a normal job, drink alcohol and swear as much as you like. I’m a Northern girl from the ‘real world’ who started out wanting to feel better and that developed into wanting to help others feel better too.

My hope is that you’ll find something on this site, or out there in real life, that will make you feel just a little bit better than before, give you a little glow or a little ball of optimism. If you want to change the world you have to start by changing yourself first (think someone might have quoted that before me...)

If you’d like to practice yoga with me please get in touch via sarah@northernyogi.com or follow my Instagram or Facebook page for upcoming classes.

Be Love and Be Light.





I occasionally work with brands that I love. If you would like to discuss collaborations please email sarah@northernyogi.com




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