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A Dream Come True

May 2, 2017 • By

Hi Northern Yogis 

It feels like a million years since we last spoke.

I thought it only fair to share what’s been going on and why I’ve been so MIA.

I’ve been focusing so much on my yoga teachings, growing my students and improving my own techniques that I damn near forgot to write about it.

First things first I wanted to let you all know that I’ve set up my own yoga company! It’s something I’ve dreamed of for so long but I was holding on to a lot of fear. The ‘people like me don’t set up businesses’ kind of fear.

So I practised. A lot. And I surrounded myself with people who believe in me, and I spoke to my students and listened when people asked me for more classes. Eventually I realised, unless I started to believe in myself, nobody else would either. And I really believe in my teachings, my practice. It matters, it changed me and I know, I really, really know it can improve the lives of others too.

So that’s why I decided to set up The Northern Yoga Company. A yoga company for real, everyday people. People with jobs and children and busy schedules. People who are too nervous to try yoga and those who have practiced for years. I want to get people from all walks of life, of all abilities, into one classroom and I want us all to breathe and flow through a beautiful yoga practice. I want people to ask questions about more than just the physical. I want people to be brave and compassionate and trusting. I want to teach strength; both physical and emotional. I want people to leave with that famous ‘yoga high’ and arrive a week later desperate for more.

So I spent a few weeks searching for venues and eventually found a cute little spot in Hyde to trial the first set of yoga classes. It’s in a lovely hall surrounded by pretty gardens that provide the option of outdoor yoga, when weather permits.

My company is called The Northern Yoga Company and, thought small at present, I hope to be able to provide more yoga classes, meditation classes and workshops in the very near future.

Check us out on Facebook or Twitter, try a class, read the blog, get involved. Any support, feedback, questions are always welcomed.