4 Healthy Habits for Your Best Autumn Ever!

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Autumn has officially landed here in the UK and it’s time to embrace this beautiful season. I have to admit autumn has never really been my favourite season, I’m a spring baby and attribute this to my love for the spring/ summer months.  year, however, I’m making a conscious effect to appreciate the season.

Here I’ve pulled together my top 4 ways to have your healthiest, happiest autumn ever. So grab a blanket, grab a chai and indulge yourself for a few moments.

  1. Get Outside!

Yes it’s getting chilly but being outside at this time of year can be magical. Wrap up warm, grab your comfy shoes and go on an adventure, even if it’s only to your local park! Autumn can be a truly beautiful season, the skies are blue, the air is crisp and fresh, the leaves are turning the most beautiful of colours. Just being outside is proven to reduce your overall stress levels so make Sunday strolls a part of your schedule!


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  1. Eat Right

There can be a desire at this time of year to over indulge. As humans we are designed to eat more at this time of year, something to do with us hibernating during the winter months when we were cave people, but it’s important we are eating the right foods. This time of year calls for warming foods, think fresh, hearty stews, organic, vegan pies and thick, warming soups. Try and eat as in season as possible (research what is in season in your area). Drink spice herbal teas, like chai, instead of caffeine as the spicy teas will warm and hydrate, unlike coffee.

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  1. Move Your Body!

Admittedly this point is kind of going against what nature wants us to do at this time of year but it’s totally worth it. What better way to create some heat in the colder months then to roll out your yoga mat and get the internal fires burning (agni). If you want to look your best come spring then you have to put the work in now, so get stretching, running, jumping, swimming, whatever your sport of choice, prioritise it through autumn.


  1. Get More Sleep

Our natural body clock wants the body to sleep when the sun goes down and wake as the sun is rising. It todays worlds it’s not always possible to rise with the sun, we have jobs for goodness sake! But, that does not mean we should be getting less sleep. Aim to turn off your digital devises 1 hour before bedtime, that bright blue light they emit will keep you awake for longer so the earlier you switch off the earlier you’ll shut down. Aim to get to sleep 1 hour earlier in the colder months than in spring and summer.


Healthy Autumn Tips - Northern Yogi

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