In the absence of love, nothing truly exist

I watched a documentary recently on someone I admire.
She had fire in her. She was beautiful, strong, caring, assertive and, most importantly, full of light.
She pissed people off daily but made waves in her career.
She was a mother but not a wife.
She was a lover but not a partner.
She did everything she was told not to.
She died at 66 years of age.
No age at all.
66 years in a body.

It made me think, these things we choose to focus on in life. All of them are irrelevant in the absence of love.
Love of another person.
Love of a child.
Love of a twin flame.
Love of a passion.
In the absence of love, nothing truly exist.

Let’s be certain love is not something you can pursue. You can’t chase a person in the hopes they will love you. You can’t raise a child in the hopes that they will one day care for you. You can’t force yourself to be passionate about something. It all just exists, granted it is cultivated and cared for, but if you ask your lover why they love you they will produce a list of physical attributes and personality traits. In reality that isn’t an accurate answer, as when you no longer possess the looks and traits (i.e. when you die) that love from them to you will still exist.

Love already exists in you and, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will discover it at a young age, thus it will carry you confidently throughout your life. Once you find it within you will realise if another person, place, job or object doesn’t resonate it will, very quickly, cease to fulfil you and you will walk away where many won’t.

When all of your actions stem from that place of self love you will begin to attract those that can reciprocate; people that feel like home, careers that fan flames of determination, think sympathetic vibrations. Love resides in the feminine energy and from feminine energy creation happens. This allows you to birth new ideas, projects, even people (babies to be exact).

If you’ve spent your time in isolation wondering how you can improve your life post lockdown start with finding the traits within you can take you away from self love. Work on those traits, peel back layers of self discovery, are you holding on where you needn’t? Eventually you will find the source within you that will one day have you resonating from a place of the purest form of love and that will live on far beyond the 66 years old physical form.


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