Autumn is here!

autumnIf you live in the northern hemisphere like myself then you’ll know autumn upon us, it started on 22nd September to be exact.

Not only will you notice autumn beginning, the leaves changing colour, the air becoming crisper and the evenings becoming darker. You’ll feel it too. Your body is super sensitive to seasonal changes because it believes it needs to adapt in order to survive (your body isn’t yet aware of supermarkets, year round crops, central heating or the internet). This means that you may begin to feel a little more tired in the morning, may start feeling hungrier than usual or may not be feeling as active as you were a few weeks ago.

Your body is preparing to go into hibernation mode, it slows down and begins to preserve energy to get you through the winter months. To help you mentally survive this wonderful season I’ve put together a few tips and tricks, let’s see if they work for you too:

  1. Get yourself in the garden: It’s important to get as much vitamin D as possible at this time of year and hours of daylight are becoming less. Whenever you get free time get yourself into your garden and begin planting for next spring. Not only will you have a beautiful garden to look forward to but you’ll be practising mindfulness and getting your RDA of vitamin D. Win, win!


  1. Eat well: okay, so this applies all year round really but did you know your body is naturally preparing to lose those stubborn summer pounds in autumn and winter. So eating right now will ensure you don’t have to work extra hard come spring to prepare for beach season.


  1. Daily dry brushing: your skin will become drier during the next two seasons. It will lack moisture and the Autumn Yoga | Northern Yogicombination of cold air and central heating will play havoc on the skin. Dry brushing daily will help shift dead skin cells and moisturising will help your skin look fresh and beautiful come spring. Add some coconut oil to your nightly bath, it’s a super easy way to ensure you’re getting all the moisture your skin needs.


  1. Meditate: If you’ve never had a meditation practice before then autumn is the ideal time to begin. The nights are longer and your social calendar will no doubt become a little calmer. Take this time to learn to sit with yourself, focus on the breath and making your exhalations longer than your inhalations. You’ll soon have a sharp, focused and calm mind.


  1. Appreciate your surrounding: autumn is such a beautiful month yet I sometimes fail to stop and appreciate quite how beautiful because I’m already dreading winter. I now make an effort to live in the present moment, to look up to the crisp blue skies and kick my feet through the dried, sunburnt leaves. Wrap up warm and go for a long walk outside. Collect the fallen conkers and pine cones, take them home and decorate them in time for Christmas. Enjoy the magic of this wonderful season, take care of your body, breathe deeply and look forward to the coming months as a time for relaxation, peace and copious amounts of hot chocolate.

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