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Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat

May 1, 2018 • By

Yoga Mat | Northern Yogi

The yoga mat is a yogis prized possession. We become so attached, emotionally, to our favourite mat that we end up keeping it for longer than we probably should.

I am prime example of this. I’ve had my beloved yoga mat for almost a decade, it’s seen daily practices, train journeys, plane journeys, a teacher training, sandy beaches, dusty floors and buckets and buckets of sweat!

I’ve taken care of it, I’ve cleaned it religiously and I’ve really really loved it. But now it has this Sarah shaped print in the middle and it quite obviously time for a change.

But your perfect yoga mat it a challenging thing to find, like Goldilocks we are all looking for one that is just right. Not to bouncy, not too slippy, not too heavy.

I recently got to try the new Manduka Prolite Yoga mat and I can honestly say it’s a dream. Retailing at around £70, which is about average for a decent yoga mat, this beautiful mat is my new favourite thing to practice on, ticking all of my must haves when it comes to a yoga mat.

Some tips for ‘breaking in’ a new yoga mat (so it’s not too slippy)

  1. Cover it in salt, leave on for 24hours
  2. Wipe salt away it damp cloth
  3. Always roll your mat top side out so the ends lay flat when you practice
  4. buy some chalk for Amazon, talc won’t work the same as it’s diluted for softness

The Best Yoga Mats | Northern Yogi

It helps to clean your mat after each practice so your sweat doesn’t damage the material. You can buy a ready mat spray or make one yourself out of your favourite essential oils. I like to mix tea tree with peppermint and water to clean mine.

Invest in a mat bag to keep your mat protected whilst travelling from class to class. This is the place where you create magic, transform yourself, learn more about yourself and grow. Keep your yoga mat special and sacred so your yoga journey can be even more beautiful.


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Learn Something New, No Ego Required

April 12, 2018 • By

Get Strong With Yoga | Northern Yogi

I remember when I went to my first ever yoga class, all those years ago, I did tonnes of cardio but being in that first ever class made me realise I had no real strength. I just assumed I would never have any upper body strength because ‘women naturally have less’, I assumed I’d never be able to do a push up, never mind lift my own body weight (the stronger I got the heavier I got).

I’ll tell you something, learning something new as an adult is really really difficult. Not because adults learn slower but because you walk into a room of people who ‘know what they’re doing’ and you become a beginner. Your ego takes a knock, putting your knees on the mat makes you feel embarrassed, falling makes you stand out as ‘unable’.

I kept going to that class because the teacher was funny and I felt good when I left. Gradually something in me changed and I became less embarrassed to know less, because I had this desire to learn more and I knew these talented people around me could help.

10 years on and I learn something new about my body every single time I step on the mat. Now I relish the opportunity to be taught something new by my teachers. I am an eternal student, we all are.

Don’t let your ego stop you from learning something new!

And yes, I can do a push up now. On a good day I could probably do 3!!!